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What games can I play with my kitten?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Daily playtime is essential - especially for indoor cats. It helps you bond with her and will go a long way in keeping her happy and healthy. Here are some great ways to stimulate your little furball - 

Kitten Toys

Bouncy yarn balls, catnip mice, feathers on a string – anything you can move, twitch, or let disappear out of sight. You won’t have to play with your kitten for very long before she starts displaying her natural hunting instincts as she stalks and pounces on her toys. Click here to see what sort of toys you can easily make for your pet.


Which games can I play with my kitten?

Let your kitten win every few rounds, otherwise she will get frustrated that her natural instincts aren’t being stimulated.

  • Hide and seek
    Cut a hole in a cardboard box or shoebox, watch her enjoy playing and hiding in it.
  • Mouse on a string
    She loves having something dangled in front of her that she can't quite reach.
  • Feather tickling
    You’ll both have great fun as your kitten tries to catch the feather - just watch out for those sharp little claws!
  • Feline fishing 
    Your kitten will love chasing anything tied to a piece of string; pull it away from her and watch her pounce
  • Perfect pouncing
    A cardboard tube will give you and your kitten endless entertainment, especially if something pops out from the end!

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