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Which toys do I give my kitten?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Not only is playing a great way to spend quality time with your kitten, it is also a great way to keep her fit. As rewarding as playtime may be, it is quite hard to please cats. The best way to get your cat interested is to make her think it was her idea to play all along.

There’s no need to spend a fortune on expensive toys. You can just make them yourself! Here are some ideas for simple toys you can make yourself:

  • A sturdy cork
  • Empty wrapping paper tubes, with a long piece of colourful string attached
  • Old tennis balls
  • Old socks stuffed with fabric
  • Balls of yarn
  • Strings tied to things such as feathers, conkers etc.

Kittens love stringy affairs

  • Your kitten is fascinated by anything that resembles prey – like a toy attached to the end of a piece of string. Dangle the fuzzy thing in front of her and watch her go for it.
  • This game should keep her amused and active for quite a while. Mix things up by adding a feather or other such objects.


Watch her play with a ball of yarn

  • A classic cat toy, yarn balls are the oldest known cat toys.  
  • A simple, yet big enough ball of string will also do the trick. 
  • She will love batting it and rolling it about.

Give your kitten a cardboard playground

One of the simplest ways to keep her amused is a simple cardboard box or a large shoebox. It’s a great little playground for her and can also serve as the perfect shelter. Use it to play hide and seek with her, by cutting out a hole or flap on one side. Just remember to choose a sturdy box – lest your naughty little furball chew it to bits.


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