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How do I introduce my kitten to other pets at home?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Your kitten’s big cat cousins in the wild have little contact with outsiders. Since your kitten shares these natural instincts, it’s important to help her ease into her new life, that may include new companions, gently.

Kittens and adult cats

Bringing a new kitten while you already have an adult cat at home might create rivalry. Cats are highly territorial, so expect a period of adjustment until they get used to each other. Be patient and they’ll eventually get along.


Kittens and dogs

It’s easier to introduce a young kitten to dogs unlike the case with adult cats. Consider buying a kitten pen to keep her well protected. Control your dog or puppy, if necessary, by putting him on a leash. The kitten may hiss at the dog, but, it’s only natural behaviour. The best thing is to let them be and they will eventually accept each other.


Kittens and smaller pets

Don’t let your guinea pigs, gerbils, or rabbits out of their cage. Ensure all your pets have separate living areas, plenty of food and water, and are all given a lot of love and reassurance. 


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