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Do I have to walk my cat?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Domestic cats can live your whole life without leaving the apartment. If you feel your cat needs more exercise and play, here’s a look at the pros and cons of doing so.



Some scientists believe that the undesirable behaviour of cats such as spoiling furniture or causing “accidents” in the house in all the wrong places may be due to boredom. A walk on the street will be a change in environment and give her new experiences. 



The outdoors for a house cat, of course, hold many dangers. She can eat or lick something poisonous, run away, or meet unfriendly animals. 


Using a harness

Most of these dangers can be avoided if your cat is wearing her harness. A special harness for cats is a necessary for this. Get her accustomed to the harness even if you do not plan on walking: this accessory is useful for trips to the vet and general travelling. Read more about harnesses here.


On the street

For the first outing don’t choose a noisy street. Carry her out at first, and then place her quietly put on the ground. Let her gauge the environment and look around. If she doesn’t start exploring, do not rush her, and do not pull on the harness. Give it time.


What can replace a walk?

If your cat isn’t comfortable with the outdoors, try to recreate some environmental elements onside the house. Grass or plants grown on the windowsill, perches to climb on, scratching posts and so on…


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