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Cats are known to vanish. What should I do?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

All cats are born explorers with a strong sense of curiosity. Many cats stay content indoors, but some, especially males, find the outdoors too tempting to ignore.

If you’re worried or uncomfortable about your cat wandering off, and being out and about, here’s how you can manage her natural behaviour without too much hassle. 


Young, bold, and free

If you do let your cat explore the outside world, get her a collar with a nametag, and a bell to warn potential prey. Make sure the collar has an elastic section. It will allow her to slip free if the collar gets caught on to something.


Building a cat-friendly garden

If your home has a garden, consider building a protective pen for her to wander in. Use strong wooden posts and wired netting. Provide covered areas for shelter from bad weather and hot sun.

Add an element of extra fun by including a scratching posts and perches for her to climb.


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