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Why do kittens bring home prey?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Being a formidable hunter like all her wild cat cousins, hunting and catching prey is a big part of your kitten’s natural behaviour. When your kitten comes trotting in with her prey, don’t be flattered -  it’s not a present!

  • The main reason that your kitten brings prey back home is to finish her hunt. 
  • After catching the prey, she will grab it any way she can and bite its neck to kill. However, she can’t let go because there’s no pack to stand guard.
  • Therefore, instead of adjusting her grip, she will simply bring it back home to finish the hunt lest her prey escape! 
  • It’s tempting to think that she’s brought you a gift. However, she is simply following her natural instincts and is coming back to a place where she feels safe and won’t be disturbed.
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