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Why do cats cough up hairballs?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Your cute little kitten loves to keep herself neat and tidy – in fact, grooming (along with sleeping) will take up many hours of her day. Not only does your kitten enjoy it, but it’s good for her too. Licking her coat helps keep it in perfect condition and controls parasites. If she does it too little, that might mean she’s poorly groomed. 

  • Occasionally, grooming is taken to extremes. Boredom or unhappiness can cause nervous licking, which may result in partial hair loss. 
  • Do pin-point the cause of your kitten’s stress and if required take her to the vet for a quick check-up.
  • You may not enjoy watching your kitten cough up hairballs, but hey, it’s completely natural behaviour! 
  • Your kitten’s tongue is covered in tiny “combs” which help remove loose hair and keep her coat in tip-top condition. However, if the fur is trapped in the combs, your kitten can’t spit it out, so she swallows it and then coughs it out. 
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