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Who will look after my kitten when I am away?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

There may be times, when you need to head out on holiday or business travel and are unable to take your kitten along. While you’re away, we recommend these options for the best possible care:


Cat day-care

Ask your vet, or a friend who also has a cat. They may be able to recommend a day-care for your cat where she can stay. Visit the center first to make sure you’re happy with what is likely to be her new temporary home. Ensure that it is clean and tidy. When you take your kitten there, leave her with a favourite toy, blanket or bed to make her feel secure.


When she’s hungry

If it’s only a matter of 2-3 days, use a home feeding service or a pet-sitter or ask a friend or neighbour to check in on her every few hours to replenish her water and feed and clear up her litter box.



You can also ask your cat-lover friends or relatives to cat-sit for you. That way, she’ll be able to stay in safe and familiar surroundings. Give them clear instructions about your kitten’s daily routines, including her favourite hiding spots!


In-flight kitty

If you’re planning to fly abroad or even domestically with your kitten, speak to the airline about requirements and restrictions. 


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