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When can a kitten move to adult food?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

As your mischievous little furball approaches her first birthday, you will need to ease her gently into accepting adult cat food that suits her growing needs.

  • Cats have a complex diet and specific nutritional need that home food does not meet. It is vital that you consider specially prepared cat food like our Whiskas® Adult Wet and Dry range, that comes packed with all the right nutrients and proteins.
  • Change your kitten’s food gradually over the course of a week.
  • Every few days add a little more of her new food to her old favourite, slowly replacing her old food. 
  • Every kitten is a predator at heart and predators prefer to eat something that’s only just been killed. As a result, you will notice your little furball will like her food at room temperature and not heated or chilled.
  • Both kittens and adult cats (1+) should have clean fresh water to drink at all times. As your kitten gets older, reduce her milk intake as feeding her milk might cause diarrhoea.



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