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What toys can I give my adult cat?


What are common household hazards for kittens?

As far as your cat is concerned, playtime will be the perfect way to satiate her natural hunting skills. Just because she’s a little older, it doesn’t mean that this natural behaviour will change. She will still like to play until she gets tired. You’ll probably see that your older cat doesn’t have quite as much energy as she did before. This reduction in activity might be the only noticeable sign that she’s getting older.

  • You have to work quite hard to keep your cat amused. 
  • Forcing her to play won’t be fun for either of you. Click here to know what games you can play with your cat. As your cat gets older, she may opt out of games and instead opt for the comfort and warmth of a cosy nook or she may just dial down on the energy or she might simply get bored. 
  • Use the same toys she has always been playing with and keep switching the games. 
  • Even though her attention span isn’t quite what it was, don’t push her too much. These changes may not happen for many years to come, so until then keep her active with games and activities and remember, always keep it interesting!

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