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What should I do when my kitten catches a cold?

What should I do when my kitten catches a cold?

Only a couple of viruses cause a majority of kitten colds. As long as your kitten is up to date with her vaccinations, she should be protected against the virus.

What should I look out for?

Three classic indicators of kitten cold are:

  • Goo in her eyes
  • Gunk coming out of her nose
  • Loss of appetite

What to do?

  • Colds are very contagious. If you have other cats, keep them isolated. 
  • She may not want to eat much, so ensure that your kitten has plenty of fresh food and water available. Keep her warm and if required heat her food just a bit above room temperature.
  • Never ever give her over-the-counter medicine meant for humans. Please consult your vet if you are considering medication
  • Since most of the symptoms are mild, they should respond to careful nursing even at home. Don’t forget to pamper her plenty!
  • In case you need any more advice or reassurance, speak to your vet.

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