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What food should my cat avoid?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Some pet parents feel it is better to feed home-prepared diets to pets than prepared pet-food.  This results  from  the  perception that  home-prepared food  is fresher  and  less processed. Also people believe  they  know what  they  are  feeding  the  pet  and  increasingly mistrust  manufactured foods.


Contrary to these  perceptions it is better to feed a pet prepared pet-food.  Prepared pet-food  is the best way to feed a pet as it is nutritionally complete  and safe. In fact, some human foods can be downright dangerous to cats -

Human Foods What it does to cats
Baby food / Too much milkFrequent and loose/watery faeces
Onions & garlicDamages RBC and causes anemia
Raw eggCauses hair fall and damages the coat
ChocolateAffects the heart and the nervous system
Fish or chicken bonesDamages the teeth and might cause tears in the digestive system

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