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What do kittens prefer – indoors or outdoors?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

It hardly matters what type of environment your cat prefers. What matters is that you ensure she’s comfortable in her own skin, by understanding her natural instincts. Do keep your kitten indoors until she’s completely vaccinated. 


Understand her territory

Cats divide territories into a small home range and a wide hunting range. For your kitten, your house is the home range. If she stays indoors, her wider range extends to the limits of where she can go. Outside the house, the wide range depends on availability of food, and the territories of other cats. Click here to learn about cat behaviour.


Give her space

If you have an outdoor kitten, there won’t be any shortage of stimulation. She will set up her own territory, using trees and other vantage points to patrol it, and using scratches and scent to mark it.

Your kitten has a powerful survival instinct. So even if she's out and about a lot, don’t worry!


Keep her safe outdoors

Make sure that your outdoor - favouring cat/kitten wears an elasticated collar and name/address tag. 


Keep her safe indoors

Being naturally inquisitive, kittens love to explore things like unsecured windows, microwaves and washing machines. Make sure you check such places regularly and keep them closed when not in use. Click here to know how you can keep your kitten safe from common household hazards and do not forget to kitten-proof your home!


Protect her from too much excitement

Thunder, fireworks, loud music, and parties can be scary for a little kitten. If you’re aware that these events are going to occur, keep her safe and secure inside.


Keep her stimulated and happy

Indoor kittens need plenty of stimulation. Give her plenty of toys, a scratching post, places to climb, a bed and a clean litter tray. Click here to learn what sort of toys kittens prefer.


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