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What can I teach my kitten?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

What your kitten learns during her first few months will influence the rest of her life. It’s important that she gets as much experience as possible in order to be more open and trusting as an adult.


Mommy knows best

A kitten’s mother is her first and most important teacher. She will teach her how to survive, and everything related to survival – right from taking care of coat and claws, to toilet training. In the first eight weeks, your kitten will have learned everything she can from her mother. After this, you can take over!


Living with you and your family

Her character forms between the second and seventh week of her life. Lots of contact with people during this time will ensure that there’s a good chance she won’t grow up shy. Keep her close, keep talking to her, and stroke her often. She will become an active member of your family.



Many things will appear strange to your kitten at first. Get her used to being in the car, watching you vacuum, and other such things as early as you can. More exposure will mean better confidence levels for her.


Learning that lasts a lifetime

Your kitten is a natural hunter, and can manage herself independently. So, it’s now up to you to ensure appropriate behaviour, while satisfying her instincts, and gain her confidence, love, and trust. Kittens hone their natural instincts and learn a lot by playing games. Do click here to see what games you can play with your furball.


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