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Whiskas® Kitten Dry Food, Mackerel
  • pdp_accordion_detail_block180Product description

    Whiskas® Mackerel Kitten Dry Food is a nutritionally complete and balanced kitten food recipe that has carefully been created to cater to the requirements of an adult cat’s system. Flavorful pockets, filled with not only the best mackerel and poultry ingredients but also loads of other essential nutrients that will help your cat lead a healthy, active, and long life.

    <p>Complete & Balanced Nutrition for Kitten and Mother Cat</p>

    Complete & Balanced Nutrition for Kitten and Mother Cat

    <p>DHA, a Nutrient Found in Mother's Milk to Support Kitten's Eye and Brain Development</p>

    DHA, a Nutrient Found in Mother's Milk to Support Kitten's Eye and Brain Development

    <p>Nutrient-rich Colostrum, Goodness of Mother's Milk</p>

    Nutrient-rich Colostrum, Goodness of Mother's Milk

    <p>Complete Nutrition for Healthy Immune System</p>

    Complete Nutrition for Healthy Immune System

    <p>Enriched with Essential Nutrients Including Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D for Healthy Growth and Strong Teeth and Bone</p>

    Enriched with Essential Nutrients Including Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D for Healthy Growth and Strong Teeth and Bone

    <p>Omega 6 and Zinc for Healthy Coat</p>

    Omega 6 and Zinc for Healthy Coat

  • pdp_accordion_detail_block180 Ingredients

    Cereals (Com and/or Rice), Poultry By Product Meal, Palm Stearin, Soy Bean Meal, Flavours, Wheat Flour, Minerals, Corn Gluten, Vitamins, lodised Salt, Fish Oil, Methionine, Taurine, Preservatives, Colostrum, Green Tea Extract.

  • pdp_accordion_detail_block180 Nutritional info

    Crude Protein %30,00
    Crude Fat (min.) %12,00
    Crude Fiber %5,00
    Phosphorus 1.4%
    Calcium 1.5%
    Moisture %12,00
  • pdp_accordion_detail_block180 Feeding guidelines

    1. Whiskas® is a complete and balanced meal by itself2. Just give your pet clean drinking water with every meal3. Please serve on a daily basis, as per the cat’s body weight4. Serve Dry and Wet food in different bowls4. Recommended to feed twice a day5. In case your pet does not enjoy Whiskas® cat food, continue with the mixture of Whiskas® cat food and current food for a few more days

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Whiskas® Kitten Dry Food, Mackerel

{"list":[{"title":"Whiskas\u00ae Kitten Dry Food, Ocean Fish with Milk","url":"\/our-products\/dry-cat-food\/whiskas-kitten-dry-food-ocean-fish-milk","image":{"src":"https:\/\/www.whiskas.in\/cdn-cgi\/image\/width%3D410%2Cformat%3Dauto%2Cq%3D90\/sites\/g\/files\/fnmzdf2051\/files\/2022-09\/18853301140819-product-image-1_0.png","alt":"18853301140819-product-image-1"},"category":"","category_subtext":"","bazaarvoice_product_id":"","spice":"","badge":"","type":"Dry cat food","format":"Bag","description":"<p>Whiskas\u00ae Junior Ocean Fish Kitten Dry Food is a complete and balanced dry, kitten food recipe, rich in protein (for lean muscles) and calcium (for the development of strong bones). A broad range of added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, strengthen the vitals, teeth, fur, skin, immunity and overall health of your pet kitten.<\/p>\r\n","ean_or_upc":"18853301140819","bazaarvoice":[]}],"label":"PDP Related Product Block","id":"pdp_related_product_block","config":{"buy_now_button":{"button_type":"btnType1","ean_or_upc":"upc","label":"Buy now","button_alt_text":""},"bazaarvoice":{"style":"heart"},"related_product":{"label":"YOUR CAT MAY ALSO LIKE","scroll":"Continue scrolling for next product","quantity":"3","show_all":{"button_type":"btnType3","label":"See More Related Products \u203a","button_alt_text":""}}}}

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