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How do I teach my kitten to respond to his name?

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You've probably been preparing for a long time to welcome your new kitten home. You’ve bought special kitten food, a cat bed, a feeding dishtoys, and you’ve figured out a name. Now all that’s left is getting her to respond to her new name!


  • Keep the name simple

    When choosing a name, try to pay attention to its sound. Ideally, the name should be short, and no longer that two syllables. 


  • Associate her name with meals and treats

    Call her by name when you serve your kitten during mealtime. Say everything that you’re doing out loud while taking her name.


  • Indulge in sweet talk

    Call out her name aloud and do it often in a gentle, soothing voice. She will love affection and willingly respond to it. Scratch cat behind the ear, and stroke her fur as you lovingly call out her name.


  • Have fun with games

    While playing with your kitten, supplement the game with words. Call her by name, and build association by asking her to ‘fetch’, ‘come’ and so on...


  • Keep communicating

    After a while, you will notice that your efforts are not in vain - your little darling is already responding to his name, not only while eating or playing games, but also in other situations. The more you communicate with your kitten, saying her name aloud, and combining learning with games, feeding and special treats, the faster she’ll respond to her name.


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