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How do I clean eyes ears and teeth?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Regular grooming aside, it’s also essential to keep tabs on your kitten’s eyes, ears and teeth. Here’s what you must keep in mind when doing a hygiene and health check on your pet.


Checking eyes

Once you've finished brushing your kitten, check her eyes and ears. Check her eyes by gently pulling down her lower eyelids. If your kitten’s eyes are a bit weepy, clean them carefully using a cotton ball moistened with warm water. Make sure you use a different swab for each eye.


Checking ears

If your kitten's ears aren't clear, wipe them with a dry cotton ball. Don't delve beyond the area of the ear that you can see, or poke anything solid inside. If you can see a lot of dark wax in there, it might be a sign of ear mites or infection so do ask your vet for advice.


Checking teeth

Your kitten's teeth should be clean and free from deposits, and her gums should be a healthy pink colour. Check your kitten’s mouth regularly so she gets used to it – it’ll make things a lot easier when you need to clean her teeth or give her medicine.


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