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How do I choose a name for my kitten?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Your cat deserves a name that reflects its character. So, what could it be? And most importantly, where should you begin?


A name that suits your kitten’s catttitde

Choosing a name for your kitten must be based, first, on your perception of your pet. The new member of the family is still new to the environment, but gradually his or her character will be clear to you. Is she a mischief monger? Is he a docile pillow lover? Is she an independent researcher? Don’t limit your imagination, but keep in mind that kittens react best to a name with one or two syllables better. 


An original nickname or a familiar one?

You may very well name your kitten, according to his or her character traits, or appearance, or even after your favourite band - the possibilities are endless! Just keep in mind that you need not rush into naming your little kitten, if you doubt your choice. You will eventually figure it out. 


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