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Do cats need a carrier?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

If you have to carry your cat over a long distance, or just visit the vet, carriers come in handy and are extremely practical. When you have to make a choice, here are a few options you can look at:


What to consider:

When choosing a carrier, decide for what purpose it is needed. If the cat will have a long journey, it is better to choose large plastic box or a large bag type for greater comfort. If you are going to the vet or to visit, you can get a compact bag or backpack. Pay attention to ventilation, as well as convenience and reliability of locks or fasteners. 

Get her accustomed to the new 'house', by placing the container near the place where the cat sleeps. 


Types of carriers:

  1. Wicker

    They’re beautiful and easy to carry, but need special care. If the basket gets dirty, it will not be easy to clean up, and is not suited for long trips.

  2. Plastic box

    They’re easy to wash with warm water and the rigid walls allow the cat to comfortably travel long distances. It is the universal form of carrier.

  3. Cloth-bag styled

    Such bags are lightweight, easy to store, and can be easily washed in the machine. They are perfect for trips to the vet. However, for long-distance travel is better to choose another type of transportation. Disadvantages: poor ventilation and lack of reliability, because the cat can easily jump off.

  4. Frame bag

    It is one of the most convenient options for carrying. They’re sturdy, flexible, and soft: your cat will feel great even on long journeys. In addition, there are often those carrying mesh windows through which the cat can peep out.


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