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Explore the delicious meaty taste of Whiskas® wet and dry

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Kitten Food

The best start to help your little furball grow healthy & strong

Your kitten grows 15 times faster than a human baby so kitten food needs to be packed with energy with a high level of digestible protein and must have the optimal balance of calcium and phosphorus to support growing joints and bones. In addition, it must also contain antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals to ensure your adorable little furball stays in great shape.

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Adult Food

Nutritionally balanced meals for adult cats

Your adult cat loves exploring and enjoys her independence. Whiskas® 1+ gives her just the right amount of energy she needs, to stay sleek and active. With the right balance of Whiskas® wet food, she gets nutrition along with the hydration she needs.

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WHISKAS® Products

The nutritional needs of cats are different from humans and changes with age. Give your furry friend food best suited for his or her life stage with our range of nutritious and delicious meals.





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15g of dry food

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1 Pouch (Wet)

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