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Where to put the cat litter box: the dos and don’ts

Where to put the cat litter box: the dos and don’ts

As cat lovers we know our feline friends are somewhat, ahem, particular about things. This means we’ll want to find the best place for the litter box – somewhere that makes your cat feel safe, comfortable and secure.

Where’s the best place to put the litter box?

Cats like their litter boxes to be placed in quiet, low traffic areas where they can enjoy a bit of privacy and peace and quiet. This doesn’t mean somewhere completely out of the way though. A dark cupboard or an inaccessible basement aren’t likely to be very appealing options to your furry friend. Your cat will let you know where they prefer their litter box to be placed – or, to put it more bluntly – they will simply refuse to use a litter box that’s in a location they don’t like! Possible places where a litter box could go depend on your home but the bathroom, living room or bedroom are all possible options.

Where not to put the litter box

Your cat is a unique individual with unique preferences but here are a few places that are unlikely to pass muster.

  • High traffic areas

Your hallway might seem like an obvious place to put the litter box,but a lot of cats won’t use a litter box that’s somewhere noisy and busy.

  • Near their food and water bowls

Cats don’t like to go to the toilet too close to where they eat, and who can blame them really?

  • Dark corners or cupboards

There’s a fine line between having a bit of privacy and feeling completely out of things.

  • Near appliances

A washing machine hitting the spin cycle when they are mid wee can make even the most chilled out cat feel anxious.

  • Next to another litter box

Cats are highly territorial animals so if you’ve got more than one cat and you try to place their litter boxes side-by-side, they may well find that too close for comfort.

  • In inaccessible places

If your feline friend finds their litter box hard to get to, they are likely not to bother trying.

Where to put the cat litter box: the dos and don’ts

Kittens and senior cats have special litter box requirements

If you have a very young or very old furry friend, you’ll need to think extra carefully about where you place the litter box. Accessibility is the watchword here. An older cat who is on the stiff side or a kitten with little legs might struggle to go up or down stairs whenever they want to go to the toilet. For the same reason, don’t pick a litter box with high sides that’s difficult to get in and out of.

Where to put the litter tray in a small apartment

In a small apartment it can be hard enough to find room for your own things, let alone finding the space for a litter box. It’s important to get it right though, and you’ll need to apply all the criteria mentioned above (cats are fussy whether they live in small or big spaces!). The bathroom can be an excellent solution here.

Is it okay to put a litter box in your bedroom?

Cats like cosy and comfortable so, assuming you don’t mind, having their litter box in your bedroom is good option. Of course, this will mean you will want the litter box to smell good at all times but, honestly your cat won’t tolerate anything less anyway! Don’t miss How to stop cat litter from smelling

How many litter trays do I need?

Experts recommend you should have one litter tray for every cat plus one more. This gives all the cats in the household their own litter tray – and choices. If you have a kitten, it’s worth having more litter trays around the house. This is because they are often too busy having fun (and getting into mischief!) to realise until the very last moment they need the toilet.

Do cats mind if you move their litter box?

The short answer to this is yes! Cats are creatures of habit and, if their litter box is somewhere they approve of and you change that, they may avoid using it. The best advice is to leave it where it is if you can and, if you do need to move it, make sure you choose a cat-friendly spot.

Why it’s important to get it right

One of the most common reasons for litter box avoidance is that a cat isn’t happy with where the litter box has been placed. If you’re confident you’ve got this right and your cat still won’t use the litter box, check out Help, my cat is refusing to use their cat litter tray

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