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Where will my kitten sleep?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Your new kitten might feel insecure being away from her litter and her mother. She will try to find a quiet and cosy place, which makes her feel safe and comfortable. Allow your kitten to explore the space and then choose a suitable bed. 


Cosy box

Cut out the flap of an old shoebox, line it with a comfortable blanket, and place a pillow for extra comfort. If it’s a larger box, cut a round 'window' so your kitten can climb in and out, and relax in pleasant semi-darkness.  


Travel cot

It is a great option to carry her around and comes in very handy if you travel frequently. Your kitten will perceive it as her home even while travelling or on trips to the veterinarian. You can choose between a plastic and a framed one. There must be a flap located on the side that allows the kitten to go in and out comfortably. Be sure to put something cosy inside to ensure the kitten has sweet dreams! 


Wicker Baskets 

Another option is to use wicker cots. They provide excellent ventilation, and the ecological purity of the material means that nothing will threaten the health of your kitten.


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