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Which is better - Packaged kitten food or home food?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

New research published in Royal Society Open Science reveals that while flavour is important initially to cats, they soon learn to choose their food based on nutrition rather than flavour. In other words, cats can intuitively learn about the fat and protein content in their food and regulate their intake to reach a target ratio of these nutrients.

  • Cats do not have the ability to taste sugars or sweets and require unusually high levels of protein in their diets as well as other unique nutrients. 
  • Kittens/cats are natural carnivores and have evolved to depend on meat. They depend on meat for the majority of their protein and special nutrients like taurine.
  • Your kitten will grow 15 times faster than a baby and needs 3-4 times more proteins than a baby.
  • Whiskas® Kitten products have just the right amount of calcium and phosphorous to support growing bones and developing joints. Plus, it is packed with the proteins, vitamins and minerals your kitten needs to grow up into a healthy, sleek cat.
  • You have the choice of feeding her only dry food or wet food or a mix of both. Gravy based meals like Whiskas® Wet pouches are particularly palatable and cats and kittens love it.
  • Don't give her uncooked meat or let her eat human food. It’s bound to be too rich, or even toxic, for her. 

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