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Common health issues in senior cats

Regular home health checks may not necessarily help you avoid trips to the vet. However, they will help you identify an issue early on and prevent its escalation. In the eventuality if there’s a problem you can ensure that it is treated properly. Obviously, you have to combine these checks with a lot of love and affection!
Eyes and ears
  • Check her eyes to see if she’s developing cataracts – note if there is clouding of her eye lens. You will notice misty, grey blurring. She may be able to see less as the cataract develops.
  • She may have trouble hearing, as she grows older. Be aware of changes in behaviour as she relies on her sensitive ears throughout her life.
  • She can enjoy a normal, happy, and an otherwise healthy life even if she turns blind or deaf. Just be extra careful to keep the house hazard free and ensure she doesn’t get herself into difficult situations.
There may also be a possibility of your cat developing sore gums, bad breath, or even lose some teeth, as she grows older. Your vet may recommend an operation, but it is not advisable for very old cats. You can help soothe your cat’s sore gums by giving her wet food.
Other common ‘senior’ health issues include- 
  • Urinary tract issues
  • Heart problems
  • Joint issues
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