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Is a kitten the right pet for me?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

We know kittens are adorable and it’s certainly difficult not to fall in love with these cute, friendly little creatures. They’re a curious lot and become fully-grown within a year. So, before you take that first step, let’s ensure that you’re ready and willing to own a kitten that will very soon become an adult!


Do you have other pets at home?

Cats prefer having their own space. As they grow older, they require quiet, cozy corners where they can feel safe. Cats don’t immediately form close social bonds. When you’re introducing them to other pets, take your time and let each of them have their own feeding, sleeping, and toilet areas. 


Do you travel frequently?

Kittens get distressed if they’re left home alone for long periods. They also must have their meals, in small quantities, at regular intervals throughout the day. If you can’t avoid leaving your kitten alone, consider adopting an older cat who is more independent. In case you are frequently away from home, ensure a family member is around or get a friend to act as a sitter.


Are you planning to move?

If you’re planning to move, wait until you have settled into your new home. If that isn’t an option, give your kitten a safe place to call her own in the new surroundings, and provide plenty of reassurance throughout the move to keep her calm and happy.


Do you live in a high-rise?

Your choice of cat breed also depends on the space available to you and easy entry-exit points that your cat can access. Indoor cats are less active, and and need lesser food each day to keep them sleek and healthy. If your kitten has come from a feral or semi-feral litter – or is already used to being outside – an indoor lifestyle may not be the right thing for her.

  • Keep your kitten indoors for sure, until she’s completely vaccinated. We also recommend neutering before puberty. Ask your vet when is the right time to have your cat neutered. 
  • Provide your little furry bundle with plenty of toys, a scratching post and a mat, and do play, stroke and interact with your kitten or cat every day to keep her stimulated. 
  • Keep your cat’s vaccinations up-to-date, and to take her to the vet for all annual check-ups and booster vaccines.

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