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How do I bathe my kitten?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

If you have an older cat or if you’ve heard stories from your traumatised friends who own cats, you probably dread the idea of giving your cat a bath. Though your kitten has a habit of grooming and keeping herself clean by licking all day, it’s not enough – especially if you don’t want her to ingest harmful substances or any other filth that may be stuck to her coat. It’s better to get your kitten used to a bath early-on.

How many times in a week do I bathe my kitten?

It’s a good idea to give her a bath every 10 days or so, usually after play time when she’s mellow and tired.


How do I go about bathing my kitten?

  • Ensure that the nails are trimmed
  • Brush her coat to remove any loose hair and mats. You may choose to place cotton balls in her ear to keep the water out.
  • Shut the bathroom door and place a rubber mat or a bath mat in the sink/tub so that she doesn’t slip.
  • Fill the sink/tub with just enough lukewarm water. 
  • Gently massage with a cat shampoo solution. Start with the head and move towards the tail. Don’t forget to cover the limbs. Leave out the face and ears.
  • Rinse and then rinse again.
  • After this, gently wipe the face with a washcloth. Unless it’s too dirty, plain water is good enough.
  • Immediately after her bath, place her in a dry towel, and take her to a warm place away from any drafts.

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