Catsan Hygiene Plus - Non-clumping cat litter

This highly absorbent hygienic litter consists of unique mineral granules that instantly absorb liquid like a sponge. Its unique mineral composition inhibits the development of odour.

catsan hygiene plus 5L pack

CATSAN™ Hygiene Plus - 5L pack

catsan hygienic litter 10L pack

CATSAN™ Hygiene Plus - 10L pack

catsan hygienic litter 20L pack

CATSAN™ Hygiene Plus - 20L pack

absorbs before odour develops
natural litter
catsan for kittens


1Absorbs liquids rapidly

Absorbs liquids rapidly

2Locks moisture inside granule

Locks moisture inside granule

3Stop odours with mineral shield

Stop odours with mineral shield

How to use

Step 1litter box

Fill the litter box with Catsan to a depth of minimum 5 cm.

Step 2litter tray

Remove solid waste daily and occasionally shake the litter tray to mix the granules.

Step 3dry litter tray

Completely empty the litter tray at least once a week and clean with near-boiling water and a gentle detergent. The litter tray should be completely dry before refilling.

How to litter train your cat

cat litter tray

Show your cat the litter tray as soon as you bring it home and let your cat examine it. Make sure not to move the tray once your cat has seen it.

catsan litter tray

Place your cat in the litter tray after naps, meals and anytime you notice that your cat may need to use it—for example, if it sniffs or crouches in a particular area.

catsan hygienic litter tray

Reward your cat with a treat or toy every time it uses the litter tray, however, refrain from punishing or scolding it for accidents as this may lead to stress.

Did you know?

A dusty litter tray or an unpleasant feel to the paws can be disturbing to cats. This is why Catsan’s low dust, lightweight and hygienic white granules make it a pleasant and comfortable territory for your furball.