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What do I keep in mind while travelling?

As a rule, cats are poor travellers. They find the motion disturbing and this is aggravated by close confinement in a carrier box or basket. Before you travel with your furry little friend, make sure you keep these things in mind:

  • We recommend a cat carrier with a secure lock.
  • It's all too easy to escape from an ordinary cardboard box, or from your arms. She'll feel much more comfortable if you turn the carrier into a home away from home. Place a toy or a blanket inside – something that smells of your kitten as it will reassure her and make her feel safe.
  • At first, she might be a bit wary of her cat carrier. Get her used to it by putting it out a few days before you need it. Do use familiar bedding and encourage her to sleep in for a few days before travelling.
  • Don’t try to hold your kitten on your lap as she could escape, distract the driver and cause a road accident.
  • Give her a very small meal before setting out and don't feed her during the journey. Many cats pant with anxiety when travelling and could become dehydrated. Give her water at regular intervals.
  • When stopping for a break, park in the shade with the windows open. Do not leave your cat in the car unless you are only stopping for a few minutes.

If your cat finds travelling very distressing, your vet may prescribe tranquillisers or sedatives to be given before setting off. These are not always effective but may be worth trying. Never give cats sedatives that are intended for people.

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