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What do I keep in mind while adopting a cat?

Should I chose a pedigree cat non-pedigree?
There are ample ways to check out different breeds. Try our Whiskas Breed Selector to find a cat breed that suits your lifestyle. You can also browse the internet or buy a book to help you. However, breeds aren’t everything – you can also adopt a non-pedigree cat or a street cat. They come in a huge variety of different colours and coat types.


Long-haired or short-haired?
A long-haired cat needs daily grooming to keep the coat gorgeous, tangle-free, and in good condition. A regular brushing routine is also a great way to bond with your cat – she’ll love the attention. If you think you won’t have the time, a short-haired cat is a better choice.


Male or female?
Male cats are usually bigger than females and show dominance by prowling the neighbourhood, getting into fights, and marking their territory by spraying urine, or by leaving their dirt unburied. Unneutered female cats come into season regularly and make a lot of noise – which any male cats will find very attractive! This is perfectly normal behaviour for them, but unpleasant for you. It’s best to have them neutered.


One cat or more?
This decision depends on the individual cat. While some cats like to live with other cats, others prefer solitude. If you already have an adult cat, you probably have a good idea of what she prefers. If you’re out of the house for a considerable amount of time, you may want to get two or more cats so that they can keep each other company. Think about getting cats from the same litter – they will get along better. Each cat needs her own space. Generally, you should have at least one room for every cat you have. That way, each cat has her own space to retreat to if she wants to be alone. Keep separate food and water bowls, beds and litter trays for each cat.


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