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How do I stop my kitten from biting me?

Wonder why your kitten keeps nipping your fingers? Blame it on her natural instincts! Cats being natural hunters, will instinctively want to hunt. This urge is so powerful that she will do it even when she’s not hungry because wild cats don’t know when their next meal will be. In other words, your tiny little kitten is often programmed for standby, ready for prey to come along. 
How do I deal with biting?
  • Be patient and stay calm, this behaviour can be resolved!
  • Young kittens bite out of playfulness. However, if she comes on a bit strong, interrupt her games and ignore her for a while.
  • If she doesn’t get the message, speak to her in a firm, loud voice. 
  • Should the biting continue, positive reinforcement against desired behaviours will do the trick. 
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