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How do I groom my kitten?

What are common household hazards for kittens?

Your cat will spend a lot of her day grooming. Not only does grooming encourage growth and shiny fur, it also helps to keep her looking sleek and healthy and controls parasites as well. She is sure to grow into the routine and will enjoy it for it is a great way to build a stronger relationship


Grooming starts early

Grooming is a great way to build your relationship with your cat or kitten, because it mimics the social bonds between a mother cat and her babies. Try to establish good grooming habits early on from the moment you bring your furry little bundle home.


Bring in some playtime

Your kitten may be nervous when you brush her for the first time. Help her relax by letting her play with the comb and brush – she’ll soon get used to the idea. Stroke your kitten very gently all over – particularly on her stomach and in hard-to-reach places, so that she feels secure and comfortable.


Grooming techniques

Before you actually start to use the brush and comb, spend a moment stroking your kitten gently. Then comb through her coat from head to tail, being particularly gentle around the head. Check the condition of her coat and skin, and look for signs of fleas or other parasites. Then brush the fur to remove any dead hair.


Tending tangles

Remove tangled hair with your fingers before you groom your kitten properly. If you groom your kitten regularly, tangles and whirls will not be that frequent. If your kitten is in a bit of a mess, dip a clean cloth in warm water, squeeze it out, and use it to wipe her down. Don't use soap – it'll just irritate her skin.


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