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Do cats really need grooming?

A clean shiny coat is a sign of good health and nutrition. By grooming your cat, you can help her coat grow and shine well. It is best to get your cat used to this when she is a young kitten. 
  1. Cats are naturally clean animals, so your cat my need little grooming, particularly if she has short hair. Longhaired cats need to regular grooming - possibly as much as once a day.
  2. Grooming your cat offers you an excellent opportunity to check her skin for lumps, rashes, discharges or any other signs that your cat is not well. If you find any problems, seek advice from your veterinarian.
  3. The hair of longhaired cats and kittens can easily mat. Once hair is matted, it will have to be removed before grooming her; this may involve sedating the cat and clipping the hair by a professional cat groomer or your veterinarian. Please seek expert advice if this problem occurs. 
  4. Do click here to learn how to groom your kitten.
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