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Do cats need a harness?

If you plan to take your cat for a walk, then you definitely need a harness. Unlike dogs, who can easily go for a walk with a collar and leash, cats do not recognize such accessories. 
Choosing a harness
Before you go to the pet store to buy one a harness for cats, measure the chest behind the front legs. This number can be useful to select the right model: most manufacturers indicate on a chest girth for the harness. They are of two types: H-shaped and V-shaped.  
It is best to choose a harness made of nylon or cotton. They’re soft and your cat will easily accept them. Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the straps - to make it even more comfortable. Ensure that the leash releases easily – you may need it due to your cat’s quick reflexes. 
Getting used to the harness
Before you put on a harness on the cat, put it to next to her toys - familiar smells will get her used to it. After a couple of days, put the harness directly on her. Make sure it is neither too loose nor too tight - fasten it so that you can loosely place your finger under it. 
Before you put on her harness, try to calm your cat with reassuring words and lots of praise. Make sure that the cat feels comfortable, and the straps don’t shake. Within a few days put her on a leash and let her settle.
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